SEO Project – My Family Clinic

With the help of our Google Partners exclusive tools and equipment, we have offered various efficient SEO and marketing strategies in order to increase this website’s traffic and sales, helping it edge out the competition and become one of the most prestigious businesses in the area.

Take a look below to see the project’s specifics, as well as its SEO, keyword and visibility rankings.

Website Details

Project started in 2018

Organic traffic increase

Over 20 top keywords

SEO score: 70%

RESULTS Position
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9 top-ranking keywords

20 keywords in the first 10 positions

Over 20 keywords in the first 10 Google pages

Keyword Rating

Before starting any of our SEO projects, we analyse and research the most popular and relevant keywords that we can use to our advantage. We develop the site’s content and structure to the selected keywords so that we can achieve the results that will bring the most people to the website.

In this case, you can see the keywords that we have used, along with the specific positions. We constantly strive to gain the highest positions so that the website will become visited regularly, resulting in more clients and higher sales.

Visibility: 38.40%

First place among competitors

Highest organic increase

Visibility & Competition

When talking about online success in the national community, visibility is a very important aspect. It determines how many potential clients see your website, giving them the possibility to convert to actual clients and give you the advantage your business needs to overrule your competitors.

Our focus is to achieve high visibility results for our projects, a goal which is often achieved through our high-quality services and premium tools.

  • Visibility

SEM Rush Scores

SEO Score 90%
Performance Score 96%
Crawlability 92%

SEO & Technical Scores

SEO score: 90%

Site performance rating: 96%

Constant improvement

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