What is SEO?

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is a technique that is meant to increase the visibility of a website and bring it to the search engines’ front page. It can be considered a real science, as it’s a very complex and delicate process.

In order to make websites rank on the front page, an efficient SEO strategy uses organic results. What are organic results, you may ask? Organic results are search results that appear in relevance to the query searched. A search query is the string of words that you want to search. For example, ‘London restaurants’ is a search query. When searching for ‘London restaurants’, the first organic result is usually the most popular one, attracting almost all the attention. When working with Opera Navigation Ltd, your website is guaranteed to bring you plenty of visits from all over the world, ranking very well on the search engines.

Compared to paid ads, which appear first, organic results are proven to be more trustful and popular. Paid ads are often considered shady or suspicious, thinking that people that pay for them are trying to scam others. Organic results are also ranked by their popularity, and we all know that a more popular website means a more trustworthy website.

Then, you may ask, how do you make your website outrank the competition organically? Well, there is an extremely large number of factors that SEO takes into consideration, such as the website’s focus keywords, popularity and even its mobile optimisation. Before making the SEO for a website, Opera Navigation Ltd always analyses the market first. Checking the competition’s weaknesses and strengths, the market opportunities and threats help us see what we should or shouldn’t do.

Just like any other market, SEO is never stable. It changes every second and that is why an SEO expert must remain up-to-date at all times, analysing every change and update. Actually, compared to other markets, SEO policies and leaders change at a much higher rate, because it’s a very competitive market with millions of companies trying to outrank each other.

For the best SEO services, with a carefully planned strategy and an efficient keyword plan, don’t hesitate to contact Opera Navigation Ltd and start working with us to your success.