Decreasing your Bounce Rate

A website’s bounce rate might actually be one of itsĀ most overlooked but important factors. It can determine whether clients are interested or not in the website. A bounce rate is a metric, usually shown as a percentage, that shows how many clients are only visiting the landing page on your website. If, for example, after seeing your website’s homepage, users “bounce” off your website, then your website will have a high bounce rate and a low chance to become popular and successful.

A website’s bounce rate can be calculated mathematically by dividing the total number of one-page visits by the total number of visits.

Whenever a client “bounces”, it could mean one of two things. Either the website is too difficult for them to use and understand, or they are not interested in the product. It can also mean that they are not impressed by the website, suggesting that it needs an improvement. A very important goal in marketing is reducing the bounce rate. Our digital marketing agency, Opera Navigation Ltd, is constantly researching and experimenting various techniques and methods to decrease bounce rates and keep them at a minimum, attracting visitors and turning them into clients.

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